Working with Brenda Dor-Groot & Tara Minton

22ND & 28TH FEBRUARY 2018

Some really unexpected, yet incredibly enjoyable ‘gigs’ early this year were with two of the most wonderfully gifted jazz/blues harpists, Brenda Dor-Groot and Tara Minton.

An idea originally from lever jazz harpist Maria Fox (soon to be the first lever harpist to study on an undergraduate course in jazz harp at the RWCMD in Cardiff) became a source for a melting-pot of ideas. A programme emerged: Tara singing and playing on her electric harp, Brenda playing ‘blues’ on her lever harp, and myself devising a short section for solo pedal harp. The audience was made up of children from many different parts of the world, and I performed folk tunes from many countries, accompanied with photos on screen of dancers wearing traditional costumes. Then a quick wizz around classical harp showing photos of harp in orchestra, ballet and opera, accompanied by short musical excerpts. Collectively we played one classical work by Gretry, and a great version of ‘Pink Panther’!

Another programme myself and Brenda devised was for a special Dutch/English charity based on ‘connections, friendship and compassion’. This included readings, some poignant music, and duos-including John Marson’s delightful ‘Waltzes and Promenades’…also some up-beat items including me ‘comping’ to Brenda’s ‘Wannabe Harley’…that was fun!