A Set of Recent Reviews of Sioned’s Work



RECITALWilliams’ performance was a breath-taking and beautiful display of musicianship and research, which demonstrated unequivocally the range and vitality of the repertoire for this instrument

Jim Driscoll – Ashleywood Festival 2012


RECITAL It was a delightful concert, a great honour to write for you, and I meant every word I said afterwards. You captured the POETRY of the piece perfectly, the fantastic little grace-note groups, the delicately melancholic sense and phrasing of the melodies, the resonances held for just the right amount of time, and the overall shaping, everything was perfect. ….That you managed to capture this exactly as I had imagined, was – as I told you – ‘magical’.

Michael Finnissy- RWCMD October 2013


CONCERTO Life is nothing if we don’t take risks, and when they are calculated and in the hands of the best people, then the results are always worthwhile. You did a superb job! 

Paul Hughes BBCSO Manager – Graham Fitkin’s MIDI harp concerto 2011



In the Param Vir, there’s .harp writing to match Britten’s, gleaming in the hands of the incomparable Sioned Williams.

David Nice – Proms 2013


LECTUREan exceptional lecture by Sioned Williams about ‘Collaborating with Composers’. ‘an excellent evening and the most innovative music discussion I have ever experienced’  

Prof. Anita Simmons, 2011 RAM lecture


MASTERCLASS  Both the participant and the listener leave the experience satisfied. Perhaps the most thrilling part of her classes is when she sits at the harp and we are made aware of her formidable technique and the sheer sound that emanates from the instrument. She might faultlessly play an extract of any given piece or demonstrate a tricky exercise that might alleviate a technical issue.  It is clear that Sioned is comfortable in any musical context, whether it is teaching (both publically and privately); playing in the orchestra; or giving solo recitals, yet she still maintains an admirable humility. 

Murdo Macrae – Guildhall School of Music and Drama 2013



Sioned Williams’ reading of the Deux Danses is so alluring and natural that you forget that these were actually commissioned as killer exam pieces for the Brussels Conservatory. With a sure sense of structure underpinning both movements, Williams gives us a lilting, hymnal ‘Danse Sacrée’, full of innocent joie de vivre, followed by a Danse Profane whose swirling, decadent climax is breath-takingly seductive.

Charlotte Gardner – BBC WEB 2012


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