Sioned’s Spiralling Sixtieth

Analysis of the harp string – all motion is curved and all curvature is spiral



An exploration around the number six delving into different strands of my life. Each strand will gather momentum as time passes, and new elements will be added…

The exploration began on my birthday, 1st July 2013, with a Wagner rehearsal for the Prom season, and is spiralling through to 2014 and well beyond!

1/6  Orchestral  As Principal Harpist of the BBC Symphony Orchestra for nearly a quarter of a century, I celebrate the diversity within this unique harp position

2/6  New music  including the premiering of 6 solo works for harp by distinctive English composers, and the renewal of works composed for me during the 20th century

3/6  Research  which has developed into written articles, recitals, illustrated lectures and workshops on subjects including John Thomas and Britten (anniversaries 2013), John Parry, Innovation and Collaboration, and others…

4/6  Retrospective  Connections, British, Persian, Recordings, Publications and more…

5/6  Educating  lecturing, teaching, writing articles, interviewing.

6/6  Charitable  In connection with my rare glycogen storage disorder, McArdle Disease, to raise awareness, and funds, and to celebrate a rich and colourful life, I shall present ‘it takes guts!’…..a miscellany of music, words, exhibition, and …well, come along and see for yourself!